Arch 310 Kit


Here at Third Coast, we work the entire summer preparing for your return to school. Every summer we assemble a kit with tools that you'll use to start your first studio. You'll continue to use these tools throughout your undergraduate years and, if you decide to continue your architecture education, your grad years.


Keep in mind that you will use the tools in this kit throughout your entire architecture education; you won't have to purchase any other studio kit. The cost of this year's kit is $600 plus tax, about the same as last year. The materials that you'll use for your projects will be at an additional cost. For your financial planning additional cost information is available here. While you are there you can check out how much less the average junior spent compared to an average sophomore.


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1. Prior to your first studio on Wednesday, September 4th, Prepay for the Arch-310 Kit at Third Coast.

2. Wednesday, September 4th, meet for the studio in the large lecture hall PHY-133 at 1:30.

3. Pick Up studio key at your scheduled time as instructed by your studio professor.

4. Bring Your Receipt with the green label on it to pick up your Arch-310 Tool Kit at Third Coast.

5. Return to your assigned studio on the 4th floor and begin to set up your space.

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